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A Kit to optimize the performance of IDRA NEXT even in the coldest season!

15 Giugno 2020

Tekno Point research and development office is pleased to present for 2020 the brand new BT KIT created for the latest generation IDRA next heat pump models.

What’s it about?

Specifically, we are talking about a BT (Low Temperature) KIT which, through preheating the water entering the condensing unit, allows to obtain significant advantages including:

The functionality of the IDRA is ensured even in the presence of particularly cold water (just downtime with water <8 ° C)

· Use of water when you use the heat pump function is

· Water consumption in heat pump operation is reduced by about 30%,

· An increase in the heat output of the unit

A comparison table is shown which highlights how the performance of IDRA condensing units varies with the use or not of the BT IDRA KIT at 100% power and with supply water at 7 ° C

For any informations please contact our commercial office.

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