Secure your air conditioner with warranty extensions and the first Tekno Point starting.

Choosing a Tekno Point product means buying not only quality and technological innovation, but also safety, through a wide range of services in continuous evolution and expansion. This is Tekno Point's commitment to "protect" its customers with the utmost guarantee on air conditioners without an external unit or with an external motor.



The "Solution +3" always ensures maximum efficiency for your system. The name itself means that you can take advantage of 2 years more warranty on air conditioners without external unit or with external motor. You will have 3 more years, in addition to those customary by law, on all the components necessary for the correct functioning that are defective in production.


The "First Power On" involves a visit to the installation after the installation has been completed by a Tekno Point Technical Assistance Center which will include the checks and adjustments necessary for the perfect operation of the appliance.


In addition to taking advantage of 3 years more warranty on air conditioners without external unit and with external motor. The solution also includes a first start-up carried out by a Tekno Point Technical Assistance Center.



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