Heat pump ATHENA-C


Heat pump ATHENA-C

Air-to-water heat pump fully internal

The new ATHENA-C model is the most suitable solution for historic centers, buildings of architectural value, and anywhere it is essential to safeguard the aesthetics of the structure. ATHENA-C has been designed for full interior installation within the building; it requires the creation of a direct connection to the outside through a hole in the perimeter wall for air inlet and outlet, concealed by a paintable grille.


Respect for architectural decorumNo outdoor elements on historical and new buildings. A new architectural style is spreading in the design of buildings. Compactness and silence applied to new alternative energies.

Ultra quiet and compact inside the house
Less then 0,7 m2 for heating, cooling and DHW with the noise of a refrigerator.

Simple and versatile to install
It fits any project, from individual houses and apartment blocks.

Minimal installation work
Athena-C modules are designed to have all the necessary devices for direct connection to the distribution system, both sanitary water and heating.


Depending on the needs of the project, I can decide to install the HP module alone or combine the DHW module with it as well.

Both the HP module and the DHW module have all the components inside them to enable the proper operation of the machine as soon as it is connected to the systems.

It can also be integrated with Tekno Point's brand new ERA building automation system, which via a home wifi network connection allows for easy and fun interaction.

Technical features:

Very high energy savings

Very high energy savings
Reduced consumption thanks to energy class A ++ and A +. No more worries about home bills!

Space saving installation

Space saving installation
Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit, and long piping connection is possible.Compared to one-drive-one type, the outdoor unit can be installed in various places to realize the space-saving installation.

Ultra silent

Ultra silent
Completely soundproofed it emits only 41 dB (A), like a common domestic refrigerator! Also thanks to its silence, IDRA next can be installed wherever it has a water connection.

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