Air-water heat pump without external unit ATHENA-C


Air-water heat pump without external unit ATHENA-C

Air-water heat pump DC Inverter monoblock indoor unit for heating, air conditioning and DHW production

Invisible full DC Inverter heat pump for DHW production

ATHENA-C is a fully integrated 3-in-1 heat pump: it works in heating and cooling mode and produces domestic hot water up to 55°C.
The ATHENA-C heat pump can be connected to an external tank, both for DHW production and for heating and cooling with technical water, through hydronic terminals or a floor system (radiators and radiant panels). It can also be combined with a solar panel system.
The heat pump without external unit is invisible, quiet and compact. The new ATHENA-C model is the most suitable solution for historical centres, prestigious constructions and wherever it is necessary to protect the architectural decorum of the building. ATHENA-C has been developed to be installed completely inside the building; it is necessary to foresee the realisation of a direct connection with the outside, through a hole on the perimeter wall for air inlet and outlet, concealed by a paintable grille.
ATHENA-C combines all the components of the heat pumps in a single unit with extremely reduced dimensions: technology, characteristics and performance of the centrifugal fan model are in line with those of the Monobloc and Split models.

Why choose ATHENA-C?

  • Simple and versatile to install, designed for single houses, groups of houses and condominiums
  • Ultra quiet and discreet, occupying an extremely small space of only 0.5 m2
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • Using R32 refrigerant gas, it has excellent thermodynamic characteristics, allowing for very high energy efficiency
  • Wide operating range, with outdoor temperatures from -20 to +43 °C
  • Control and regulation of the parameters with a wired remote control or remotely via Wi-Fi, using the Smart Life by Tuya app

The heat pump without external unit is a very efficient, energy-saving device: class A+++ for heating with radiant panels and class A++ for heating with radiators and the production of domestic hot water.


  • Mistubishi DC Inverter compressor
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Bodywork: AG3 aluminium cladding and galvanised steel frame
  • Reinforced and phono-absorbent sound insulation
  • Weatherproof and anti-volatile electro-galvanised painted steel grille that can be customised
  • Complete hydraulic kit
  • Fully complies with RT2012 regulations

Air-water heat pump without external unit ATHENA-C It is available in versions from

Technical features:

Very high energy savings

Very high energy savings
Reduced consumption thanks to energy class A ++ and A +. No more worries about home bills!

Space saving installation

Space saving installation
Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit, and long piping connection is possible.Compared to one-drive-one type, the outdoor unit can be installed in various places to realize the space-saving installation.

Ultra silent

Ultra silent
Completely soundproofed it emits only 41 dB (A), like a common domestic refrigerator! Also thanks to its silence, IDRA next can be installed wherever it has a water connection.

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