Low temperature air conditioner for wine cellars WINE monosplit


Low temperature air conditioner for wine cellars WINE monosplit

Low temperature air conditioner for wine cellars monosplit DC Inverter with humidifier


Low temperature air conditioner for temperature and humidity control

The WINE MONOSPLIT wine cellar air conditioner is the right product for controlling and monitoring the microclimate in your wine cellar, ensuring perfect temperature and humidity maintenance thanks to the humidifier included.

Why choose WINE?

  • Excellent working performance at an internal temperature limit of 10°C
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Remote control iFeel function
  • Timer, Auto Restart, filter cleaning alarm and LED display

WINE monosplit is quiet, small in size and has all the features of a high performance top-of-the-range model. In energy efficiency class A++, it cools down to an internal temperature limit of 10° C. It features DC Inverter technology to optimise power and consumption according to the ambient temperature.

The WINE monosplit wine cellar air conditioner has a humidifier included and a filter for air purification. It works with highly efficient and environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant gas. WINE monosplit is the best choice for climate control in all situations where it is necessary to maintain stable temperature and humidity parameters.

WINE monosplit is available in the following sizes:

  • 9,000 BTU/h - 2.6 kW
  • 12,000 BTU/h - 3.5 kW

Low temperature air conditioner for wine cellars WINE monosplit It is available in versions from

Technical features:

Full DC Inverter Technology

Full DC Inverter Technology
The heart of the system is a highly intelligent inverter compressor. This advanced technologyenables to modulate the power of the outdoor unit according to the cooling or heating needs of the controlled area. It ensures precise temperature regulation and highly efficient energy consumption, contributing significantly to limiting the impact on the environment also with silent operations.

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