Milan city center - ELFO invisible air conditioner without outdoor unit

Air conditioner without outdoor unit with ELFO monosplit air-to-air system

ELFO is the air conditioner condensed with invisible air from the outside

The site of this installation is the renowned Milan, precisely the paninoteca "Il panino del laghetto - street food", in via Laghetto n ° 7, right in the historic center of the city of Milan, a stone's throw from the Duomo. The model chosen for this project is ELFO Monosplit, the only possible solution to not damage the aesthetic characteristics of this ancient building.

The author of this installation is the company G&G Impianti di Tagliabue Dario, which has thought of this product to ensure the architectural protection of the building: ELFO, needing only two holes for the exchange of air, very quiet and of small dimensions, it was easy to mount inside a piece of furniture leaning against the wall of the main environment of this commercial activity. The machine feeds a wall mounted split that can heat itself in winter and cool in summer.

Now, besides the excellent sandwiches, patrons can also enjoy the well-being given by a Tekno Point air conditioner.

ELFO is the only air conditioner without an external unit that uses a condensing unit mounted inside the building for summer and winter air conditioning.


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